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Heartbreak on a Full Moon (Chris Browns 45 Track LP) Review



In times where the attention span of this generation’s attention span is forever continuing to grow shorter and shorter it would seem far left to for any artist to deliver a 45 track LP which is exactly what Chris Brown has done being one to never conform to being a traditionalist and being a risk taker. Now let’s take a look in to “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” excluding single releases. The intro track entitled “Lost and Found” finds the singer crooning about relationship problems (probably mirroring and reflecting the R&B stars real life). “Juicy Booty” which samples Mtume’s 1980’s classic record “Juicy Fruit” definitely takes the listener on a retro ride through time with the likes of utilizing Roger Troutman’s inspired talk box Adlibs interpolating “California Love” combined with vocals lended from Jhene Aiko and R&B Legend R. Kelly is definitely a standout track and definitely worth giving a listening to. The Title track “Heartbreak on a Full moon” seems heavily inspired from the likes of Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope with a pinch of Jonnie Mitchell. Fair enough to say it’s not a spectacular track, but it definitely holds its ground. The dancehall song “Rock Your Body” is sure to satisfy Chris’s international islander fans with a mix of slowed up dub step that will have all the ‘Tings whining and grinding in the most remote tropical parts of the world. The track “Tempo” is simply light hearted seemingly fitted for summer fun with a early 2000’s vibe. “Handle it” is worth mentioning as a “house party red cup and spiked punch” rap-sing song with Dej Loaf and Lil Yachty complimenting the record perfect as they harmonize “Can you handle it, Can you handle me” over the chorus of the song. “Everybody Knows” which definitely sounds like a song talking to ex-girlfriend turned model Karruche Tran which he croons the lines “you was with the 3 play 3 way how you supposed to know ’bout love” and continues onto the chorus “with you in the crib that wasn’t enough let you hit the mall and run that sh*t up I’m the first one to put you in a foreign before me you wasn’t important now you’re acting like you earned it go and smile for the camera I hope that all the shit was worth it….Everybody knows about you and they shouldn’t f*ckin’ know about you” this song is Definitely worthy of a listen!

“Hope You Do” has a trapish R&B Atlanta feel which samples and interpolates Jacques “Come Through” song from his 19 EP which Chris guest featured on. It also interpolates Donnel Jones “Where I Wanna Be” song for the bridge.

“This Ain’t That” finds the singer reminiscent of a past pseudo-relationship better described as the ever-growing trend of “situationships” that this current generation has been thriving from and lives the meaning of “Want my cake and eat it too” a play on “we don’t care about each, but we really do have underlying feelings” causing confusion amongst at least one of the people involved. “We’re just F*ckin’ baby this ain’t lovin’ baby I ain’t ya man I’m only ya friend” sums this song up perfect.

“No Exit” is probably the first country lite rock ballad which sounds reminiscent to him experimenting with different genres like which are found on his 2009 album “Graffiti”. This is a very notable fun light bubbly country rock pop song.

“Hurt The Same” explains why the star engages in drug usage and also seems to be a further explanation to the chris-karrueche saga which he dives into the verse accusing her of infidelity and implying he got no mail when he had no bail and how he purchased her luxury cars and she wasn’t there for him when he got out of jail stating she’d rather h*e out with her friends. Further implying the Industry has obviously put the alleged person “Up On Game and that she know longer sees him the same such as no longer being star-struck” “Know your lying and you’re sneaking I’m just stating facts I’m just the dummy who believed your ass

“Nowhere” sounds eerily similar to Michael Jackson’s “Lady in My Life” simple enough.

Stream Heartbreak on a Full Moon Here

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