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Monica Talks About Her Divorce And How It’s Impacting Her Children



Back in March Monica officially filed for divorce from her husband Shannon Brown after almost 9 years of marriage. As many of you know, Monica has not spoken too much about her divorce. Even on the last season of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle,” Monica didn’t get too detailed about her separation.

However, during a recent interview on “Sway In The Morning,” Monica opened up a little bit about her divorce and how it’s been impacting her children.

During the interview, Sway mentioned that Monica was now single, and she mentioned that she is currently going through a divorce. The conversation then shifted to how her children have been impacted by her divorce.

When asked what was one of the most complicated questions she had to answer from one of her kids, she shared that her 11-year-old son asked if she could stop the divorce since she was the one who filed the papers.

She said, “Unfortunately, people love sharing stuff that shouldn’t be shared. So he read that I filed it. I had a great conversation with them prior, but I didn’t go into that part of it, and he asked me ‘well can you stop it?’”

Monica and Shannon share their adorable 5-year-old daughter Laiyah, and the former couple tied the knot back in 2010.

(Credit: Jade for TSR)

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