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Draya Michele Wants To Play Diamond In Potential ‘The Players Club’ Remake, Joseline Hernandez Also Wants A Shot



Draya Michele is trying to grow that acting portfolio and sis has her eyes set on a very specific role! On her Instagram story Wednesday, Draya shared a picture of the cast from “The Players Club” with the original Diamond, played by LisaRaye, front and center.

She expressed her desires to play the iconic exotic dancer from the cult classic film, writing on the picture, “This could be me in a reboot but y’all playing @icecube.”

She then provided pictures to back it up, doing a side by side of her and LisaRaye, both ladies dressed in a pink number. The picture of LisaRaye was a screen grab from the scene in which she did a solo number to R. Kelly’s “Seems Like You’re Ready.”

Draya, who was once a stripper, has apparently been vying for this role for some time! Rumors dating back to 2014 suggested she could be the next Diamond in a remake, though it’s clear that hasn’t come to fruition.

Perhaps she thought sharing the pics to her story would create a buzz and support from fans, but it seems that a good majority of people feel the movie doesn’t need to be remade.

“Whew. My cousin said I could request to play myself in a movie and y’all would still say no. The hate be real but it’s def motivating,” Draya responded to the naysayers while stepping into The Shade Room.

Not long after Draya professed her desire to play Diamond did Joseline Hernandez enter the chat and insist she’s the right woman for the role.

“Except that she’s not #joselinecabaret everyone will agree that I’m the perfect girl to play that role @icecube,” Joseline commented.

(Source: TSR)

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