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Sheree Whitfield Reunites With Tyrone Gilliams Following His Release From Prison



It looks like Sheree Whitfield may have rekindled an old flame, now that her former bae Tyrone Gilliams has been released from prison.

According to TMZ, they spoke with Tyrone and he revealed that he was released from prison in Kentucky last week, and since then, he and Sheree have been spending quality time together in Philadelphia. Sheree is reportedly also helping him get readjusted to life outside of prison.

It was already mentioned in the past that Sheree and Tyrone dated for nearly 10 years in the past. However, the communication between the two of them ended once Tyrone realized that he was going to get indicted for a wire fraud case. They rekindled things in 2016 while he was still in jail, and Sheree even went to visit him.

However, the communication between the two ended once again once he lost an appeal in 2018.

Fast-Forward, and now he was able to get an early release due to COVID-19 and he and Sheree are getting things back on track.

TMZ reports that Tyrone revealed to them that he can see himself marrying Sheree, but he has no plans on asking for her hand in marriage just yet.

As previously reported, in the past Sheree has expressed her excitment of being with Tyrone while she appeaed on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” However, Tyrone was denied an early release back in 2018, and was originally scheduled to be released in November 2022.

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