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Slim Jxmmi Gets Called Out By Ex After He Gets On Live & Tries To Leave With Newborn



Months ago, reports surfaced that the rapper punched his ex-girlfriend, Kee, in the face while she was pregnant.

In September, a disturbing report surfaced with allegations against Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi. At the time, it was stated that the rapper allegedly punched his then-pregnant girlfriend, Kee, in the mouth, knocking her tooth out. The rapper’s mother came forward to defend him by calling Kee “toxic,” but Slim Jxmmi and his ex are once again going viral after he went Live. The video shows Jxmmi making a swift exit with their newborn in his arms as Kee screams for him to give her back her son.

Kee shared her version of events that led up to the altercation on her Instagram Story. “Since my baby’s father wants to go viral, I will clear some things up,” wrote Kee. “He came to my hotel room last night with intentions on making a live of me to try and clear his name. and make me look like I’m the bad person. he’s sending out the live trying to get people to watch it because no blogs have posted it. so he wants it to be seen.”

“My son is a month old, and Jim has seen him 3 times. I left where I live (Los Angeles) and went to where I had support because I had a Csection and he was refusing to help me in LA,” she continued. Kee claims that Slim Jxmmi argued with her via text before showing up at her hotel. “As soon as we met there, he went on live, so yes I tried taking my son and leaving my hotel room.”

She added that she had proof that following their son’s birth, she pleaded with him to help her because she was “exhausted” and still recovering from her surgery. “He would respond with ‘he’s not even two weeks old, he doesn’t need my attention right now,'” Kee recalled. “‘All he does is eat, sh*t, and sleep’ so yes, I stopped contacting him and left LA. I wasn’t going to keep asking for him to see him.”

After leaving L.A., Kee accuses Slim Jxmmi of threatening her, but later she decided to travel to Atlanta so he could spend time with the baby. “I want my son to know his dad, I got a ticket and came,” she said, adding that she’s been in the city for three days and Jxmmi spent a total of 12 hours with their baby. She claims that he put on a show for Live viewers to make it seem as if she was trying to keep the child from him.

“He was telling my ONE MONTH old son his mommy is a hoe and a thot. I’m neither. he is telling my son this on his live. so yes you damn right I’m trying to leave with my baby.” Kee added that the footage will be used in court to explain “why he cannot see my son legally anymore until he gets help.” Swipe below to check out all the posts and footage of the infamous Live.

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