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Kodak Black Seemingly Claims He Inspired Jay-Z



Jay-Z has been letting his hair grow during the quarantine, showing off his latest look on multiple occasions this weekend at the Grammy Awards. He’s been sporting a look that’s likely inspired by one of Hov’s favorite artists, Jean-Michel Basquiat, but there’s a certain rapper that seemingly believes that he’s the one that the legend is modeling his hair journey after.

In the last few weeks, Kodak Black has been coming after a number of artists, asking for them to credit him as the main inspiration behind some of their biggest career successes. We’ve witnessed a short-lived feud between Kodak and Pooh Shiesty, with Yak claiming that he started the money-spreading trend that Pooh has participated in. On Tuesday, the Project Baby also came after Megan Thee Stallion, stating that the Grammy-winning artist made her entire career off stealing one of his catchphrases, “let me drive the boat”. Apparently, Kodak even thinks that he’s influenced the great Jay-Z, co-signing a fan’s claim that Hov’s new hairstyle can be linked to the rapper.

“@kodakblack done even inspired jayz,” reads the latest post on Kodak’s Instagram Story. The words were co-signed by the rapper, who found them via a fan. “Check Fam hair out.”

The picture is from the Grammy Awards, showing Jay-Z seated with his wife Beyoncé on her historic night. His hair is well-manicured in all directions, reminding the fan of Kodak’s own look.

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