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Lil Baby Considers Adding A Female Artist To “On Me”



Atlanta’s own Lil Baby has proven to be in possession of the Midas Touch, turning the majority of material he touches to gold. So much so that last year’s My Turn, released a little over a year ago to this day, continues to rack up momentum on the charts. Now, with his sights set on creating a follow-up effort, Lil Baby has shifted his focus to some new material – – though that’s not to say he’s turned his back on his existing catalog, however.

In fact, Lil Baby appears ready to revisit his December 2020 single “On Me,” taking to social media to ponder the possibility of a remix. Specifically, a remix featuring the presence of an unidentified female artist. “On me remix with a female artist,” he writes, his use of the contemplative emoji suggesting that he has yet to choose his preferred participant. In the wake of his message, many fans proceeded to offer their own suggestions, with Mulatto and Nicki Minaj among the more requested options.

At this moment, Lil Baby has yet to offer anything further than the initial message, though don’t be surprised to see him spring into action sooner than later. And should a remix to “On Me” indeed be the next single to come from Lil Baby’s corner, which female artist would you be interested in seeing him connect with? Or would you rather he shift his focus to something else entirely?

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