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Saweetie Roasted For “New Car” Amid Quavo Bentley Repo Rumors



Saweetie and Quavo are in the middle of a pretty ugly breakup, dragging one another on social media following their split last week. Over the weekend, the former couple took turns jabbing at one another on Twitter, with Saweetie accusing Quavo of cheating on her and using lavish gifts to appear as though he were a good guy. One of those gifts was a fully customized icy blue Bentley, which was given to Saweetie over the holiday season.

There have been reports that Quavo sent a repo man to reclaim ownership of the expensive car, which would have been a very petty move on his part. Sources are stating that those reports were false, but they were out for long enough that the general public started to believe them, running with that narrative. As Saweetie continues to promote her new single “Best Friend” with Doja Cat, the rapper has been giving fans a chance to win a brand new Tesla. As part of the campaign, Saweetie filmed a new video to announce over 5,000,000 entries into the contest, but people were more concerned about the car that the artist was driving.

Saweetie rolls up in a gold car with a scratch on the door. The model of the car is unclear but some fans are stating that it looks like a Toyota Camry. That’s a significant downgrade from her fully customized Bentley, so fans have started to roast Saweetie for the video in the comments.

She riding around in a Corolla cuz Quavo got the repo man on her,” wrote the top commenter. “Thats her whip after quavo came and snatched his Bentley back,” added another.

The video is meant to be relatable, inviting fans to share pictures of their own busted cars that they’ll be turning in once they win the Tesla. However, with the Bentley being at the center of Saweetie’s breakup with Quavo, she probably could have seen these kinds of comments coming from a mile away.

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