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PnB Rock Pleads Guilty To Possession, Stolen Property Charges: Report



The case stems from a search warrant executed on his home back in 2018

There isn’t any true upside to being in trouble with the law, but PnB Rock can at least celebrate not receiving jail time in his most recently resolved case. The Philadelphia rapper faced off with authorities back in 2018 after the Bensalem Police Department executed a search warrant on his residence. It seems that Rock’s neighbors were not a fan of his alleged loud parties and “constant smell of marijuana” coming from his home, reports NBC 10 Philadephia.

Police reportedly found a stolen firearm, $33K in cash, and about five pounds of marijuana along with scales and packing materials. Both the rapper and his girlfriend were taken into custody and she reportedly pleaded guilty in September 2019. She received a sentence of six months probation.

PnB Rock also was able to avoid jail and pleaded guilty “to one count of possession with intent to deliver and one count of receiving stolen property.” The rapper reportedly received “36 months of probation and 100 hours of community service.” This wasn’t PnB Rock’s only mishap with authorities since his 2018 arrest.

In October 2019, the rapper was arrested in California and in February 2020, he was arrested for a DUI after reportedly totaling his vehicle in a street race.

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