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Yung Miami Calls Deadbeat Fathers “The Real Trash Of The World”



She didn’t specify who she was talking about but something has rubbed her the wrong way.

We’re not sure what caused Yung Miami to fire off thoughts about “deadbeat dads,” but she made her opinions clear on not one, but two social media platforms. The City Girls rapper often uses her social media accounts to share music, connect with fans, or drop off hilarious videos or audio of her singing some of our favorite R&B hits. However, this week, the Florida artist expressed just what she thought of fathers who don’t take care of their children.

The mother of two didn’t explain her posts, but over on Twitter she wrote, “I hate dead beat dad them kids be innocent.” She may not have been speaking about herself or her situation, but she continued with another thought on her Instagram Story.

“Deadbeat dads are the real trash of the world,” a meme read. “Next are abusers.” The father of Yung Miami’s eldest child was murdered last year and the father of her daughter, Summer, is producer Southside. Recently, Ashley, the mother of one of Southside’s kids, took to Instagram to call him out for not sharing financial responsibilities for their son.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Ashley said that she was out of work due to the pandemic and has been doing her best to provide for her children but alleged Southside was not contributing. 

“Times have been hard for us this year with maintaining bills and putting food on the table,” she wrote weeks ago. “My son’s father is a wealthy producer named Southside 808mafia who refuses to send support payments for his 7 year old son. He knows this is his son and has stopped supporting since I am seeking child support through the courts because he IS NOT consistent with helping his son with his half.”

Southside has not responded publicly to the accusations.

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