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6ix9ine Gets Into Physical Altercation At A Mall



A video has circulated showing the rapper yelling at someone who allegedly tried to attack him.

People have been testing Tekashi 6ix9ine while he’s been out and about, and if a new video is to be believed, the rapper may have gotten himself into a little scuffle. The incendiary New York rapper has been taking the world by storm for years with his outlandish antics, vicious comments, and of course, his testimony against his Nine Trey associates.

Since being released from prison, 6ix9ine has had his security fully stacked as he travels freely, and despite the public claiming that the rapper wouldn’t be able to show face, he has turned up from one city to the next.

However, a video has begun circulating online reportedly showing 6ix9ine getting into a physical altercation at a mall. It is unclear where this took place, but the rapper can be heard yelling at a stranger who chides him, while 6ix9ine says he hurt the attacker. Later, audio of 6ix9ine in a Clubhouse chatroom also surfaced as 6ix9ine spoke about the incident, saying that security wasn’t at the mall.

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