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Bobby Shmurda Shares Glimpse At Comeback Single



Bobby Shmurda has finally set the stage for his comeback single, sharing a snippet of the upcoming banger. 

Ever since his release from prison in February of 2021, fans have been excited to see what Bobby Shmurda delivers on his official comeback album. Having abstained from releasing a “First Day Out” style track, Shmurda has been hard at work in the recording studio, uniting with artists like Quavo, Mike WiLL Made-It, and more.

Though he hasn’t exactly been the most generous when it comes to actually releasing music — at least, not yet — Shmurda has kept fans at bay with a steady stream of snippet previews. Now, he’s back with yet another preview, and this one sounds like an official release from a yet to be revealed project.

Arriving via an Instagram post, Shmurda’s snippet also showcases the accompanying video, which happens to feature an introductory and tone-setting skit. Flanked by a pair of scantily-clad gun-toting femme fatales, Shmurda menaces an opponent who appears to be hiding a treasure trove of ice. That’s not to say he’s taking himself too seriously; upon being met with resistance, our beloved antihero responds with an “unintelligible Shmurda rant” while spinning in sheer incredulity.

As for the song itself, we’re looking at a hard-hitting and grimy banger, the likes of which should please his longtime loyal fans. “GOOD SHHMORNING!!” he captions, teasing the release of both song and video are on the horizon. “OH YEAAAA IT’S UP THIS WEEK.” Should you be interested in seeing what Shmurda has cooked up for his comeback,

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