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Donald Glover Appears To Shade Kanye West Over “Donda” Artwork



Donald Glover appeared to throw shade at Kanye West over the album cover of “Donda.”

Donald Glover seemed to reference being the inspiration for Kanye West’s Donda cover, on Twitter, Sunday. Fans quickly noted that Glover’s Childish Gambino album, 3.15.20, has similar artwork.

“I love being influential,” Glover tweeted.

Fans pointed out the similarity between both artists’ artwork in the replies to Glover’s tweet. 3.15.20 features a white square while Donda is simply a black square.

Glover rarely tweets, and when he does, he often deletes his posts shortly after. His tweet about being influential is currently the only post on his account that isn’t a reply.

Back in May, Glover was active on his Twitter account to speak about a lack of experimentation in television leading to critics and fans being tired of “reviewing boring stuff (tv & film).”

He continued: “We’re getting boring stuff and not even experimental mistakes(?) because people are afraid of getting canceled.”

“So they feel like they can only experiment w/ aesthetic. (also because some of em know theyre not that good),” he added.

Glover is responsible for his own experimental TV show in FX’s Atlanta. A third season of the series is expected to debut in early 2022.

West’s Donda was released early Sunday morning.

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