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Ebro Suggests Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” Is A “Straight Rap Album”



Ebro Darden teases that Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” will be a straight-up rap album. 

On the same day that Drake confirmed a September 3rd release date for Certified Lover Boy and unveiled its emoji-driven and theory-sparking album cover, Ebro Darden offered fans an intriguing nugget of information about the project’s musical style.

You may recall early reports during the early production stages of Certified Lover Boy, in which it was hinted that Drake was looking to spit bars and deliver a more rap-focused album than he had done in the past. While some of his biggest songs veered into r&b territory, many have been eagerly waiting to see Drake buckle down and deliver an album that operates entirely in rap territory. Now, according to Ebro, it may finally be time.

After one fan suggested that the cover all-but-guaranteed that we were looking at an r&b album, Ebro took a moment to address the speculation. “I actually heard it is a straight-up rap album,” writes the radio host, who opts to keep his sources under wraps. Still, given that he holds a fair number of industry connections, it stands to reason that his intel is more or less on point.

Should he be correct, it should be a welcome breath of fresh air for those who have long-appreciated Drizzy’s lyricism. It’s no secret that Drake’s inclusion in various “top emcees” discussions tend to come with a caveat, and an album that centers more or less entirely on his bars would go a long way in shifting certain narratives in his favor.

Of course, this is all purely speculative, and it seems unlikely that Drake will abandon his r&b instincts altogether. Either way, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out, as the allegedly “straight-rap” Certified Lover Boy is due.

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