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Soulja Boy Unveils “Remote Control” Verse, Calls Kanye A “B*tch”



Soulja Boy went on a lengthy tirade about Kanye West this morning.

Kanye West has officially released his new album DONDA and while most fans are happy to have the new project, there are still some people out there who aren’t so content with the effort. One of those people just so happens to be Soulja Boy, who took to Twitter yesterday with some bold claims about his involvement on the album.

Soulja Boy revealed some text messages he shared with Ye, in which Kanye asked for a verse on “Remote Control” which features Young Thug. In the texts below, Soulja Bou sent the verse back and it appeared as though Kanye was happy with what he was hearing. In the end, however, the verse did not make the cut, and as a result, Soulja was vexed.

Soulja’s anger with the move led to an epic rant on social media that has continued into today. As you can see below, Soulja decided to leak his verse on “Remote Control” which sees him experimenting with various different flows all while being enveloped by the spacey production. It’s unclear as to whether or not this footage was filmed during the recording, or if this is simply a more recent video of him in the studio, to prove a point.

With fans giving their opinions on the verse, Soulja opted to keep his Kanye slandergoing as he said “Don’t call phone no more weird ass n***a that’s why Kim left yo bipolar ASS.” He also had some disparaging remarks about Kanye’s relationship with Jay Z, saying “That n***a Kanye so pussy. Lame ass n***a thought he could be the president sit yo goofy ass down somewhere that’s why Hov don’t fuck u weirdo.”

The tweets kept on going and at one point, Soulja claims that he was going to be on “Robocop” although Kanye pulled the same stunt. Needless to say, Soulja Boy is fed up with Ye, and the hatred now runs deep.

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