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Famous Dex Sentenced To 1 Year In Prison: Report



Famous Dex was reportedly sentenced to one year in prison after being charged with domestic violence.

Famous Dex didn’t have the greatest twenty-eighth birthday, because he spent it locked up in a Van Nuys-located prison. The Chicago-born rapper, who is best known for his songs “Pick It Up” and “Japan,” was reportedly sentenced last week in relation to his domestic violence and gun charges. According to multiple reports, Dexter will be spending the next year in prison.

The rapper was reportedly sentenced on the first of the month, learning that he has been ordered to 364 days behind bars without bail. Despite him being sentenced to one year, it appears as though he will be released ahead of 2022, with his record clarifying an estimated release date of November 24, 2021.

Famous Dex has been in and out of trouble for the last few years. Last year, there were troubling videos of the rapper posted to social media, suggesting heavy drug usage. Shortly after they were posted, Dexter checked himself into a rehabilitation center. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that he was able to get his life on the right track though, because he was arrested in March on nineteen different domestic violence and gun charges.

We hope that after his sentence is up, Famous Dex can get himself straightened up and continue taking over the rap game.

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